Jewelry  Love  &  Care

 Your jewelry loves you so please don't  

forget to love it back!!!!!

Never forget ladies that you are my most Prized Jewelz;

and just like you must take care of yourself, you must also take care

of your jewelry so that it may shine as brightly as you do!!!  Each peice of jewelry from my Collection was personally designed for you to emanate your inner

beauty and bring it forth so that the world may see

what I already know about you!  

You may ask 'How do I keep my Jewelry shining

as brightly as my light shines?' and I would simply ask you to never

clean your jewelry with liquid cleaners because it may strip away some of the

luster and magic that is unique to each and every piece of jewelry.  Instead gently wiping Gem Stones and Swarovski Crystals with a cotton glove will preserve their brilliance, allowing them to shine as brightly as you do.  Also please keep in mind that although we have selected the best quality materials for you, some precious metals do oxidize over time.  If you find that your jewelry lacks alittle luster simply wipe the tarnished area with a jewelry cleaning/ polishing cloth.  Lastly, if you are anything like me then you love a good adventure!  When making your excursions please pack more delicate items with you in your carry-ons, wrap them in a cloth (NaturalStone Necklaces / Swarovski Crystal) or in the packaging provided (Butterfly Collection) and please do not place 

heavy items on top.  Thank you!! 

Remember know matter how captivating your

outer beauty, what gives you that vibrant glow is the love 

that radiates from your heart.  Wear your jewelry as a reminder to honor that wonderful inner and outer beauty that is uniquely yours

and wear it proudly!! 

Thank you again for shopping with the

Exclusive Jewelry Collection by Nikki Michelle!!!

2013 © Exclusive Jewelry Collection by Nikki Michelle.  

All Rights Reserved.

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